Nature made us perfect and all the imperfections most of the times are self inflicted.  Stretch marks are one of those imperfections. Well! One view would be that what’s so wrong about having it and if one wishes to, can accept it as a part of several changes that happen in body and skin with age and time. On the other hand, one can also opine that why not maintain the natural beauty we were born with and heal the marks. This webpage agrees with the latter part and suggest several ways by which one can heal the stretch marks.

Natural Remedies To Heal Stretch Marks

Dealing with body problems in natural manner such that it’s free from all the chemicals, has its own charm. Some of the effective ways by which one can heal stretch marks naturally are as follows. One of the best ways to heal one’s skin and protect it, is by using coconut oil. Coconut oil has a chain of fatty acids in it which acts as antioxidants that protects the skin against radical damage and prevents the formation of stretch marks. Coconut oil also leads to sensitive skin.

One can also increase the intake of Vitamin E in diet and can apply it on skin in its other forms. Vitamin E is a good scar healer and enhances the formation of collagen under the skin. Collagen formation helps in improving the skin texture and makes it strong thus dealing with stretch marks efficiently. Vitamin E is available in the form of oil as well as capsules that can applied on the skin or fully healed scars.

Another natural remedy for stretch marks is Aloe Vera, which helps in the regeneration of skin tissues and helps it in fighting the inflammation. Aloe Vera increases the restorative ability of the skin and thus moisturizes the skin naturally which further leads to a soothing effect. An effective eastern herb, known as Gotu Kola, helps in dealing with skin inflammation and enhances the blood circulation. It speeds up the healing process of skin and treat stretch marks effectively.

Modern day cosmetics and lotions usually add it in the anti scar creams. Tea tree oil is good in dealing with bacterial as well as fungal infections and thus acts as an anti vial agent. It has amazing ability to heal skin and treat scars. Some feel that it has strong odor and leads to skin irritation. Though odor has to be tolerated but irritation can be dealt with by diluting the oil. Unlike coconut oil that can be used both internally as well externally; tea tree oil cannot be used internally. Lemon juice also referred to as natural bleach, works well on stretch marks and its regular usage can lighten them.

In addition to that, during pregnancy one must be cautious and must moisturize the skin at least 3- 4 times a day, especially the areas that are accustomed to stretch mark formation like breasts, hips, thighs, etc. Application of wheat germ oil, glycolic acid, and increasing the intake of food products rich in vitamin C can also treat stretch marks.

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Patricia Wilson likes helping men women who are suffering from unsightly stretch marks. She recommends some of the best stretch mark creams available on the market that are capable of treating stretch marks naturally without causing any side effects.
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